Allied Record Career

The Company

Allied Record is a Private Limited Company formed in 2015. It serves in Pakistan as a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with specialization in Record & Archive Management. With a team of 50+ people, Allied record is a preferred vendor for various organizations. We are a national company with footprints in 10 cities and counting.

Current Challenges for Organization

Organizations all over the world are under immense pressure to get the right information to the right people, swiftly. However, when you deal with complicated requests from internal stakeholders as well as external stakeholders such as auditors and regulatory bodies; this is no walk in a park. Making the matters more complicated is the ever growing volume of paper and electronic records.
In most instances, businesses keep documents in decentralized locations. Further, there is no standardized procedure of storage. For these reasons, you spend copious amount of time in locating specific documents, thereby concentrating less on your core business. Failure to locate these documents puts the critical information on document at stake in terms of security, audit failures and legal risks.

Hard Hitting Impacts

Companies will keep on generating more documents. In a big pool records, it is much harder to find what you look for in a timely fashion,
This will make you spend your valuable time on unnecessary exercises and make you lose your goal; the core activity.
Very importantly, your pursuit to know the status of a document or to locate a specific record increases several key risks such as legal and compliance.

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