Digital Mail room

Allied Record offers outsourced digital mailroom services for businesses throughout Pakistan. Outsourcing incoming mail can help your company drastically reduce ongoing costs and speed up existing mail room processes

Mailroom & Scanning Service

  • Mail received by Allied Record
  • Outsourcing team will open and sort mail by type.
  • Any returns can be processed
  • Cheques can be securely banked on your behalf, by arrangement
  • Documents prepared for scanning, with extra elements such as paper clips and staples removed.
  • Document scanned using Fujitsu scanners, Scanning at a rate of 150 images per minute
  • 100% image quality checking process
  • Data can be automatically extracted from your documents using Optical Character Recognition.
  • These digital files are then indexed in-line with the factors requested. Common factors include names, customer numbers, invoice numbers and dates
  • Finally, the journey of your digital documents makes it back to you, with the files being uploaded to an on-line document management system for you to access, or alternatively via secure ftp site upload. The physical documents are retained for a pre-determined period, before being securely destroyed to data protection standards.
  • Workflow can be applied to route your documents to the correct person in your organisation
  • We will provide a confirmed processing time within our original Service Level Agreement, leaving you safe in the knowledge of when you can access your scanned documents.

Why Choose ARMCo?

  • Innovation and latest scanning technology: Our scanning center features high production scanners, combined with intelligent data capture solutions
  • Quality Delivery: All images scanned are thoroughly checked for quality.
  • 1 million images scanned each month: we specialize in high production, bulk digital mail room scanning


Transferring to a more efficient Digital Mailroom can cut your company’s manual handling costs, as well as allowing authorized staff members the ability to access electronic documents without moving from their computer
By eliminating the need for your company to handle incoming mail, your business also has the freedom to focus time and resources on more important business activities.
We take a personal approach when providing an outsourced mailroom solution, offering a professional consultation to review existing mailroom processes. Whether it’s invoices or credit notes, purchase orders or insurance claims, we can produce the most suitable time and cost saving solution for your business, based on your needs.
The ARMCo Digital Mailroom team are set up to handle all types of incoming mail, as well as being able to efficiently handle high volumes of documents, thanks to our industry leading scanning equipment