Document Storage

Whether you have inactive documents or active ones, your company feels the consistent need for additional space. The pressure and challenge for better Security, confidentiality, accessibility, compliance with your local and global rules and regulations and long term preservation of documents is even higher. In such a case, Allied Record Secure Document Storage and Management Services will be the answer.

Allied Record customized and reliable Document Storage, File Storage and Management Services tackle the painful areas that most organizations have in managing their documents and provide reliable and Secure Solutions to help your company successfully outsource the complex Records and Document Management cycle .

Service Delivery Process

  • Assessment & Packing – Allied Record specialists will identify, sort, barcode, pack and catalog your Document and Files in the Allied Record storage boxes.
  • Collection & Storage – Your Documents and Files are securely collected and transported for safe storage at Allied Record archive facility. A unique indexing/description is captured in Allied Record database.
  • Retrieval – Following certain security and confidentiality processes, you can simply email Allied Record to request certain Documents or Files in storage.
  • Confidential Destruction – Allied Record manages your retention cycle and advise you when obsolete Documents and Files  become due for destruction


  • Secure – Allied Record world class facilities are dedicated Record and Document Management centers with 24/7 security, access control, motion detectors, CCTV and other advanced technologies. Also, Allied Record employs proactive prevention measures supported by infrastructure, training and real time links with civil defense departments and fire brigades.
  • Efficient – No more struggling to add space for your old Documents and Files or trying to find misplaced files. Cataloging and barcoding of individual files provide detailed information of archive contents and allows tracking of the exact locations of all Documents and Files in storage and in transit.
  • Confidentiality – All Documents and Files in storage are kept anonymous through Allied Record advanced barcoding system, random allocation, and separation of knowledge. Security is also scaleble and you perform part of the authentication process when Allied Record retrieves your Documents and Files.
  • Economical – You need not worry about overheads or deploy capital for building or operating your own infrastructure. You pay as you go.