Paperless Office

Do you want a paperless office? Several companies have made the decision and stuck with it based on the benefits that this move brings. Stacks of paper, bulky filing cabinets and lost documents are all things of past for these companies. Record specialist at Allied Record will work with you to achieve your goals, freeing up your valuable office space, tightening up your information security, improving your cash flow and saving some serious money and staff time.
Allied Record offers an end to end solution to help you map out your current paper processes and recommend an efficient digital solution to suit your business. This gives you a clear idea as to what your document pain points are and where you can save the most time. You won’t have to deal with three different companies and get your head around lots of IT jargon. From consultancy to proposition, design to system launch and training, we’ll help you with everything, after all, our motto is ‘Record Management; Simplified’.

What can we help you with?

Allied Record has a team of qualified project managers who have knowledge, skills & abilities of electronic record management, processing such as invoice capture, claim processing, intelligent data capute, et al

Allied Record has invested in its own document management and archive management solutions to help achieve a paperless office and also provide development services. We serve each client like a tailor made project that deserves a different, bespoke solution.

As a secure, accredited scanning and archiving company, we deliver a full range of managed services that will help you to become completely paperless in your operations, including:-

  • Mailroom Operations – sorting, scanning, automation, capture and returns
  • Document scanning – bulk scanning capabilities for invoices, documents in small and large format
  • Archive storage – secure storage with fast digital retrieval (scan on demand).  We have an in-house archive management system, which enables you to view a statement of your archives online
  • Data entry – low cost data capture services
  • Electronic document management – Allied Record Management Software (ARMS) paperless office service includes use of our own online document management solution, a popular low cost solution.