Small & Medium Businesses

When setting up the business, you need to go through the company formation procedures, dealing with legal and compliance paperwork, setting up office space &/or hiring adequate employees.

Allied Record enables you to focus on setting up your business while we facilitate an economical and safe platform of records & information management services.

So how can you optimize your company’s productivity? Where will you store your crucial documents? How will you comply with your local legislation?

  • Business Centered Approach – Allied Record has physical & electronic records management solutions. It’s an efficient and accurate way of managing documents and files. Thus, you may concentrate more on growing business.
  • Economical – Completely variable pricing model. You need not pay extra for rental space or hire resource to manage it. You also don’t have to incur the charges of an expensive service to satisfy your archiving needs.
  • Simple – Our services allow you to focus on your business and benefit from a very straight forward service with fixed payment methods. With our cutting edge technology, we enable you to access your documents simultaneously with just a click.
  • Risk Mitigation – We all have lost documents and have gotten into trouble for it. It’s only an eventuality that organizations outsource record and document management. It’s a sustainable method and allows you to avoid disruptions.