Survey & Form Design Service

Allied Record offers services of form design and automated data capture services to enable you to digitally process documents quickly and easily. Our team can help with:-

Smart Form design –  using bar codes and intelligent data capture design tools we can enable surveys and forms to be scanned with high capture rates, reduce manual data entry requirements, increase data accuracy and automate your data capture processes.

Scanning and Intelligent Data Capture –  Scan high volumes of surveys in our secure document scanning center and output your data in any required format.

Reporting – Design unique spreadsheets to extrapolate your captured data, set up regular reporting for your business from incoming data.
We can create both unique digital solutions, designed specifically to meet your business needs or we can create specialist form designs so when handwritten, forms can be scanned and processed easily.

These forms are best designed for the following purpose:

  • Questionnaire form design
  • Market research
  • Applications forms
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Patient/client information